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Holiday 2023 Gift Selection

Our 2023 gift line focuses on Health & Happiness. We've carefully selected and combined products to create

Gift Sets to nourish your Mind, Spirit & Body - a wide selection of healthy, natural Gourmet Treats and Artisan Gifts!

*We offer quantity and corporate discounts. Contact Us

Asst Gift Sets no heading-COMP.jpg

Gourmet & Gift Sets UNDER $15; Fresh Baked Pastry, all natural Fruit Spreads, Sauces, Cocoa & Gifts!

Favor Lg1A.jpg
JJ Jams&Sauce Bags1A.jpg
Decks&Tea Bag1A.jpg
Favor Flat1A.jpg
Gift Selection.jpg

Soothing Serenity Gift Sets


Artisan Gifts: Artisan Journals:

'Celestial' or 'Tree of Life' (back row), Inspirational themed Mini Books and Card Decks (center and right side) Aromatherapy Candles, boxed, 9.5oz or Votive (left side)

Photo Right Center: Serene Large Candle Gift Set with Journal & Deck $55

Photo Far Right; Serene Votive Candle Gift Set with Journal & Mini Book $45

Candle Lg Set.jpg
Candle votive set2.jpg

Gourmet & Gift Sets UNDER $25; Specialty containers, custom Sweets or Savory Treats! Instrumental Music CD's, Crisps & Crackers, Nut & Fruit Clusters, Wonderful Pistachios, Cheese Spread, Godiva and Lindt Chocolates and MORE!

Bakery & Tea.jpg
Limited - Chests.jpg

We don't mass produce gift sets (like those sitting on retail shelves, boxed for months) - we provide the best, at prices that can't be beat!

Large and Custom Gourmet & Gift Sets start at $45. We offer a huge variety of goodies, newborn-adult gifts, customized gifts including photo & theme books, frames glassware & mugs, gift cards, botanical spa & wellness items, and more! Free local delivery and reasonable shipping throughout the States.   

lg gourmet.JPG
Jumbo Gourmet 1.JPG
Celebrate & Spirits Wrapped2.jpg

Specialty Gifts from India and Africa - we purchase from Non-Profit Charities and bring to you!

Gift Tuli Tote Bags India (1).jpg

From villagers in Uganda Africa and Piyali India! Every unique gift item provides sustainable

income for the indigenous population.

One of a kind gifts - truly inspiring!

'Tuli Tote Bags' - original artwork created and painted by school children and sewn into totes

by village women!

Stunning Necklaces - hand rolled, layered beads

from recycled paper, dyed and strung together in artful patterns by villagers in Uganda.

Gift Uganda Necklaces3.jpg
Gift Uganda Necklaces_edited.jpg

For Holiday Floral or Custom  giftsets please CALL US directly at 818-741-0740, or email us from our Contact Us page. We will get right back to you.

Specialty Floral & Plant Decor available.

A Gallery of sample Gift Offerings:

*Quantity and Corporate Discounts available. Please call us anytime , email us via our Contact Us page

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