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Spa, Body, Baby Care, and Healthy Home-keeping Products for a BETTER Life!

Transform your life, reduce or eliminate stress, and restore balance in your home by abolishing toxic products containing chemicals that are so harmful to your family, self and pets. It's our mission to bring you100% natural, toxin free, Earth Friendly Products for your Body and Home! The products we select support theco-creation of harmony, health and balance in your Life and provide maximum health benefits.

100% Healthy, All Natural Eco-Friendly Home & Body Care Products Keep Your Family, Pets and Home Safe, Green & Clean!

Aihu Therapeutic Spa & Body 


We believe the Founders of Aihu and Grace Mabel Mission Statement says it best:

“Our Mission is to Minister to Women, Men, and their Families about the importance of taking adequate time to take care of themselves. Our Aromatherapy, Toxin-Free, Anti-Stress, Healing Skin, and Home Keeping Product Line encourages taking proactive steps towards restoring balance and promoting self-healing from within.”

Aihu Healing Skin Care Products nourish, hydrate and rejuvenate your skin to maintain moisture, elasticity and minimize fine lines. Soothes, relaxes you and eliminates daily stress! Relax in a tub of Pacific Sea Salts, escape with a Aromatic Spa Wrap, reduce tension, aches and pains naturally with the Therapeutic Gel, Maximum Strength Pain Cream, then top off your spa treatment with a luxurious Lavender Body Mist spritz - a truly 


and healing experience. Hydration is one of the surest

ways to maintain youthful, healthy glowing skin,

and these products hit a home run!

We listen to the experts at Aihu and Grace Mabel:

"All of our products are MADE IN AMERICA with an essential oil base and are gentle to skin that is damaged and sensitive. We use essential oils paired with a coconut and olive oil base in our creams, fortified with Vitamin E

and antioxidants. Our products are made with Plant Based, "GREEN", Eco-friendly ingredients. We have received

testimonial upon testimonial regarding their efficacy and effect for dry, damaged skin and anti-stress purposes.

All products are ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY and have not been tested on animals.

Aihu uses BPA FREE bottles that are recyclable and our paper products are made with recycled material.

We are a totally sustainable product line that is EARTH FRIENDLY!"

Your family will LOVE Aihu and Grace Mabel - our team uses these products in our own homes and office, and we are sold on the benefits! 

Grace Mabel

BABY Products

Grace Mabel Products

Lovingly designed by a Mom for her

little one and yours to enjoy!

Naturally Hypoallergenic, Earth-Friendly,

100% Biodegradable and 100% Recyclable.

Grace Mabel Products

CONTAIN NO Toxins, Harsh Chemicals, Parabens, Sulfates, Mineral Oil, Formaldehyde, Phthalates, Propylene Glycol, Silicone, Petrochemicals,Synthetic Fragrances, Scents, Colors, or Dyes.

Home Care Collection

These products clean perfectly WITHOUT ANY harsh chemicals!

100% Biodegradable, Plant-Based HomeCare Cleaning Products for your home and workplace.

Working with only the finest ingredients, Aihu passionately created green products that positively impact your home and workplace to create a healthful and healing environment AND they work wonders!

These environmentally safe products will not pollute the earth, water, soil, pets or YOU!

A great product for high-energy efficient washers too!

Scent: Fresh Cut Lavender

  • Complete HomeCare Kit includes: All Surface Cleaner, Bowl & Basin and Sparkle Cleaner, Room Deodorizer (16oz bottles) plus Laundry Soap (32oz bottle) Scent; Fresh Cut Lavender $61.99

  • 32oz Laundry Soap Refill $19.99

  • 16oz Room Refresh select: Fresh Cut Lavender or Thai Citrus $12.99

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