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Celebrate the New Year!

Large Basket (Left): Scott Williams 'Home For The Holidays' CD, a mini Artisan Book of your choice, Aihu's 2oz Aromatherapy Botanical Room Mist Spritzer, Welsh Cakes and individually wrapped Godiva Chocolates $40 We can also add a 2pc Godiva Chocolate box for $10

Welsh Cakes - from The Welsh Baker!

These 2pc pack are scrumptious and won't last long! Select flavor: Cranberry Orange, Blueberry, Currant or Cherry Almond or Wheat-free Blueberry! Additional packs $5

Additional Individual CD's 2/$25

Welsh Cakes available 6 packs (12 cakes)/$22 select flavors, limited quantity - order SOON! Refrigerate or Freeze! Absolutely delicious!

ALL Natural, Earth Friendly Healing Gift 

Sets for your Body & Soul! Visit our 

HealingProducts Gifts

Serene Home Seasons; A Few of my Favorite Things'

Memories created, sharing the Holidays with loved ones - what could be better?

We've designed this gift line for whole Mind, Body & Spirit Health, Happiness and Enrichment!

Serene Home Seasons Gift Baskets have arrived!

As seasons change so do our tastes - we now offer specialty 'seasonal' gift items

and are please to debut our first selection this Holiday!

Carefully selected product provides something outside of ordinary

to enrich your life, calm your Mind, encourage relaxation and a peaceful environment,

AND inspire your spirit!

Customize your order! Select Large (above left), Small (above center) and your choice of container (above right), then choose

CD and artisan Mini-Book, Welsh Cakes or Chocolate - OR go with our selection! You can also add additional books(+$5), another Scott Williams CD(+$12), treats or we can include your business promotional item, Aihu Aromatherapy Products, 2pc or 4pc Godiva Chocolate Boxes!

Specialty Containers and Decor available.

CD+2Cake set also available!

Mini Artisan Books - Select your favorite -

 I LOVE these little gems!

SERENITY; Quotations to quiet and comfort your mind and create tranquility and inner peace.

HAPPINESS; Thoughts about ways to BE and experience happiness.

BLESSED; This little book, packed full of inspirational quotes, reminds us of the most important things in life: being grateful, giving to others, and seizing the day.

BELIEVE; Filled with quotations about believing in yourself to help you unlock the door to life's possibilities.

Mood setting MUSIC

Soothing, Energizing, Magical sounds for your Soul!

Select from these two favorites, for festive sensory pleasure:'Home For The Holidays', a collection of favored songs to enjoy with loved ones recreated featuring the Hammered Dulcimer OR 'HAMMERock', Scott's all-rock-and-roll cover CD includes Stairway

to Heaven, Hotel California, White Wedding,

Fields of Gold, Daniel, Just Like Heaven, and more!

Add them both in for year round enjoyment!

For a sampling of Holiday Sounds on the Hammered Dulcimer:

The truly unique sound of the Hammered Dulcimer,

played by Scott is breathtaking and inspiring - healing magic for your soul.

As an multi-instrumentalist, Scott adds a wide variety of melodic instruments to his recordings including the mandolin, drums, guitars, cello, bass, and more - an impressive list! Scott, and his company HammerHands Music, offers four studio albums. Two are featured in our premier Serene Home Seasons gift baskets. Music for everyone, all ages and cultures - the sound of music is universal!

See Scott's website for sample tracks:

These are absolutely a few of MY favorite things,

and we are confident they will be yours as well!

A Perfect gift for anyone; clients, family, friends - or pick one up for yourself!

25% give back includes all Gift products and Services, which allows us to continue support of family owned businesses we work with, and assist those in need. (*donations for purchases over $100 will be made in your name, with a receipt provided to you.)

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For all Holiday Orders and Services Please


directly at 818-741-0740.

You may also email us using our Contact Us page and we will get right back to you.

We are most happy to accommodate your custom requests and be of service in your gift giving.


Additional Gift Offerings:

Fresh Orchid Plant Displays

Orchid Plant & Exotic Arrangements;

These long lasting Plants and exotic Floral Displays will enhance your home, lift your spirits and create a festive atmosphere! Guaranteed to bring joy to the recipient and last well into the New Year!

Select elegant Phalaenopsis Single Stem, Multi Stem or Mixed Plant Arrangements or Tropical Exotics flown in direct from the Islands include Anthurium, Ginger, Haliconia! Starting at $35, custom décor available in variety of sizes.

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